As I look around,

No flowers, no maple leaves,

This fishing village, this autumnal eve !

Fujiwara Sadaie

Zen is at the heart of reading. You cannot talk about the “essence of reading” without including Zen. The way of book becomes in essence the practice of Zen, because every act, every movement, in reading is the Way of Zen. It was Zen Maser Takuan (1573-1646) who first brought Zen into the everyday activity of reading books. He recreated the simple everyday activity as a Zen religious practice, a way in which ordinary people can awaken to their True Self. Welcome to the path to enlightenment known as the Way of Book.

Reference : Zenchyaroku (The Book of Zen Tea) Jukuan Sotaku

What is the best book that stay with you for the next 100 years ?
POST the photo of your favorite books with the tag #sdgsbook for sustainable reading.


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