【Japan】Universal TEA 2021


A Couple of Hina Dolls on the Chasen, tea whisk, at Rinsen

The essence of the tea ceremony is not in rules and forms.

Simply follow the teachings of Nature wholeheartedly.

Do not let your self become distracted.

There is both form and no form.

Responding to the circumstances at hand requires adaption.

ー A poem attributed to Takuan Soho

Universal TEA 2020

In the autumn 2020 we held a universal tea ceremony called “Syougai-Cha” in Japanese at Sankeien Garden in Yokohama with the challenged persons. They makes vase, tea bowl, and traditional Japanese cakes like a great artist. We taught them how to enjoy traditional Japanese tea ceremony making green tea, matcha, with tools and cakes the challenged persons had made.

   As we hold a universal tea ceremony on Zoom as measures against the coronavirus, you can enjoy traditional Japanese tea ceremony wherever you live in this year. This is a very rare opportunity, so please join us.

Universal TEA 2021 Guide 

Dates: September 19th, 2021 at 12:40pm – 13:30pm
(Japan Time)
Location: ZOOM
Fee: Free

Lecturer: Kodo Tenco

What you need:
・Hot Water
・Matcha Powder
 (or Instant Coffee Powder)
・Tea Bowl
・Tea Spoon (or Spoon)
・Chasen (Tea Whisk)

Matcha: Sun Sun Yamashiro
Tea bowl: Office SUE
Wagashi: Wa Cafe Ichi
Flower: Teijin Soleil (Planet’s Hug Orchid) 
Book: An Eternity
   (The Journey of a Love Song)

photo: ©onomiki
reference: Taiaki Takuan Soho

Sponsor: Decent Work Labo
Cosponsor: Nomaport
        International Reading Society
Collaboration: Rinsen (Tea Room)


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