The complete works of Takuan Vol.5

The Art of the sword, as I see it, consists in not vying for victory, not testing strength, not moving one step forward or backward; it consists in your not seeing me and my not seeing you. When one penetrates as far as where heaven and earth have not yet been separated, “where the yin and yang have not yet differentiated themselves, one is then said to have attained proficiency in the art.

   A man who has thoroughly mastered the art does not use the sword, and the opponent kills himself; when a man uses the sword, he makes it serve to give life to others. When killing is the order, it kills; when giving life is the order, it gives life. While killing there is no thought of killing, while giving life there is no thought of giving life; for in the killing or in the giving life, no Self is asserted. The man does not see “this” or “that” and yet sees well what is “this” or “that”; he makes no discrimination and yet knows well what is what. He walks on water as if it were the earth; he walks on the earth as if it were water. One who has attained this freedom cannot be interfered with by anybody on earth. He stands absolutely by himself.

   Do you wish to get “this” ?

Reference : ZEN and Japanese Culture Daisetz T. Suzuki


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