【Mongol】The Secret History of Chinggis Khaan


The Secret History of Chinggis Khaan Sorogdog Jargalsaikhan

The amazing feature and main focus of this novel is an artistic display of the fascinating character of world known Chinggis Khaan, while including all discoveries about him to the present days and addition of mislaid information about him. Therefore, this novel has succeeded in bringing the side of Chinggis Khaan as an individual person to the wide screen and it displays the growth of his character and how he learned from his mistakes through the historic events of his days.

   Fact is that Temuujin became Chinggis Khaan and Chinggis Khaan has been living through his legacy and reputation for centuries of human history. About 840 years after Chinggis Khaan successfully founded the never before seen and still largest empire in the history of the world—the Great Mongol Empire—at the beginning of 21st century, “Secret History of Chinggis Khaan” is the first novel to present the human side of Chinggis Khaan thus far—his philosophy and growth, while using clarity and fatefulness. Furthermore, neither deifying Chinggis Khan, nor denying the magnitude of his historic accomplishments, this novel illuminates with miraculous eloquence and conviction who Temuujin was as an individual person, as well as how he became victorious while learning to comprehend and react to certain circumstances and dealing with struggles and defeats.

   This book is one of the examples that shows the miracle of literature, because readers will feel this is actually the true history of Chinggis Khaan. The reign of Great Chinggis Khaan and time of the Great Mongol Empire was the highest historical moment in the last millennium of the world. Without doubt the modern Mongolians are immensely proud of the history of their ancestors. Can you answer directly the question “Who are Mongolians?” If not, this novel is highly recommended.


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